Discover exactly where you need to be to attract, engage & enroll ideal clients.

If you're a new or established Coach or Consultant struggling to get traction, this will change everything you think you know. 

Join us in this 5-Step workshop to:

✔️ Unlock your clarity and confidence as a coach. Being a solopreneur is a lonely job. Self-doubt is natural. Get your boost of confidence and energy!

✔️ Discover marketing opportunities you're overlooking right now. We all have blind spots. Discover yours and watch your business explode!

✔️ Brainstorm exact strategies that will make clients think of you FIRST. Messages and messaging get stale and begin missing the mark. Refresh and revise to attract the ideal clients you love to work with.

✔️ Design new approaches to practically GUARANTEE meeting your revenue goals. Linear growth is a myth. Whatever plateau you're currently on, leap to the next with the M.A.P. Workshop.

Who We Are:
Mark Kanty, Clarity Coach
Since 2005 Mark has helped professional coaches and consultants reconnect with their unique competencies and understand exactly what their clients want. How would your practice, and life, be different if you could attract your ideal client at the rate you’ve always wanted? If you have what people need and want help getting your message out and your practice to where you know it can be Mark can help you get there!
Jaimie Skultety, Systems Strategist
Since 2009, Jaimie has helped professional coaches and consultants who desire to have all their 'puzzle' pieces adequately aligned, so their business can run and grow EFFICIENTLY. They have already achieved a certain level of success but want to reach BIGGER GOALS. Her innate organizational talents have allowed her to design systems, structures, and procedures that help her clientele increase their bottom line.
"M.A.P. packs a lot into each session. They leave you applying new and distinct ways to set goals and elevate your ability to focus... Really great for anyone stuck, just starting out, or just trying to reach the next level. Worth the investment."
~ Jamie Bihl, Leadership Coach
What Motivates Us & Why It's Important to You

Since 2009, we've been OBSESSED with creating an Online Business that WORKS!

But it wasn't always like that...

Like many people who are wanting to have a profitable online business that works we enrolled in every course, read every book, and tried every crazy tactic and program on the market.

We quickly realized that most of the material out there is only teaching one small part of the puzzle... 

Why didn't anyone teach the complete solution?

Finally, we were able to piece together all the different things that worked (and tossed out what didn't work) and we really started seeing a transformation in our revenue and satisfied clients.

People actually started approaching us, asking how they could get the same results for themselves!

We are firm believers...

✅ When you communicate what you offer in a Clear, Compelling way your Ideal Clients will find it irresistible and want to work with you.

✅ You can enroll clients without icky sales tactics.

✅ You can get amazing results for your business without spending all day behind a computer.

✅ Building & Launching an Online Business is REALLY possible for you.

Our new workshop is designed to help you build and launch an online coaching business so you can expand your impact and income ~ without being inauthentic or pushy!

You’ve got what it takes, you just need the roadmap + support to make it happen.

You Are The Perfect Fit for This Workshop If...

✔ You have an existing full-time coaching business or are committed to launching one now.

✔ You want to create a high ticket offer OR you already have one that you want to scale.

✔ You have a "Whatever it takes" attitude. You are 100% committed to reaching your goals. You have the passion, we have the process.
  • What You Will Learn:
  • Your Ideal Coaching Career ~ This session is about designing an online practice that WORKS...for you! It's time to get totally clear on exactly what you really, really want for your life THEN we help you design your business to get it. We also give you the pitfalls to avoid, the behaviors for success and much more! 
  • ​Uncover Your Minimum Viable Audience ~  Success begins by learning how to identify the smallest group that you need for your online business to thrive. Only then will your quality, your message and your online practice attract the kind of clients who want to do business with you and pay you what you are truly worth. "When you seek to engage with everyone, you rarely delight anyone!" (quote by Seth Godin)
  • ​Create Your Irresistible Compelling Offer ~  If your prospect can’t ‘feel it’ and envision an end to their conflict after working with you, then it isn’t irresistible. We will help you to develop an offer that will elicit strong emotions from your prospects so they feel compelled to take action and work with you. 
  • ​​Your Business Scorecard ~ We will help you to get clear on where you are now, examine your current resources, and create a budget to help you to reach your financial goals. Access to capital is not an option. It is a critical resource to survive start-up and thrive through growth. (We will also give you proven ways for accessing capital if you don't have it.)
  • Build Your Massive Action Plan ~ Your business is perfectly designed to achieve the results you are currently getting. Stop pretending a magic solution is 'out there' somewhere. With this module, you'll have everything you need for your all-out Massive Action Plan to get results - FAST! ​
BONUS! We host an exclusive Coaching Q&A session at the end of the five days where we work with you to pull it all together and get your Marketing Action Plan in motion. This is one plan that will never collect dust on your bookshelf or get buried in your hard drive because we're right there to support you in taking massive action and blast through any obstacle that is holding you back.  
 "M.A.P. offers tons of amazing information! Seeing the gaps in what I currently understand and the actions I am missing in my current business helped me realize the steps to take to move things forward and succeed."
~ Melissa Thompson, Career Coach
  • How We're Doing It
  • Start Date: For your convenience, all sessions are pre-recorded and available for IMMEDIATE access. No need to delay starting on your path to greater success!
  • ​How to Access: Within 24 hours from the time you register, you will be provided access to the training.
  • Time to dedicate: 60-90 minutes each day to watch the training + 30 minutes to do the homework.
  • Homework: Success is not a spectator sport and neither is this workshop. During each day of the workshop you'll be working!  As an added bonus you'll be getting immediate feedback on your home work as soon as you post it. Where?
  • ​Support and Accountability: You'll be invited to become a lifetime member of our Private M.A.P. Group where you'll be posting your work for feedback, support and accountability, from us and your peers.
  • How It Works: Our sessions and all communication, reminders, and assignments throughout the program will be emailed to you. So keep an eye out each day for the link and assignments. 
  • The Requirements
  • MENTAL TOUGHNESS: You will DEFINITELY experience challenges. You'll need to tweak some things as you implement specific strategies and tactics. You've got to accept this as a totally normal course of business that will always be happening.  
  • COMMITMENT. You've got to be committed to finishing this thing through. If you give up easy, your money would be better spent on lattes at Starbucks. 

No experience is required.

  • Important Disclaimer:

This is business and business has risks and no guarantees. 

We're not promising you'll get rich overnight (or do anything else for that matter). 

We've been doing this collectively for over 30 years and it's never been "fast and easy." Having said that, the skillset we're going to teach you is something you can never UN-LEARN. And it is something that every business on the planet wants: The ability to attract (and work with) ideal clients. 

The skills you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you. 

  • This Limited Time Special Offer Ends & Price Goes Up:

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Important ~ If the Timer below has expired it simply means the workshop is full. Have no fear we're never one and done! Go ahead and enter your contact info below to save your place for our next class. We'll be in touch and will let you know the steps to take when our next class is ready to start.


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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT EARNINGS DISCLOSURE AND OTHER NOTICES: Absolutely NOTHING on this web page should be considered as any type of earnings claim (implied or otherwise). This is a PROGRAM intended to help COACHES AND CONSULTANTS learn how to market their business to get more customers. It is NOT a "business opportunity". This will require WORK, COMMITMENT, and most importantly, PERSEVERANCE. So get ready to put in the work and stick it out. 

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